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Sugar Cane Organic Raw Sugarcane Molasses for agricultural fertilizer

Product Effects

1, increase the plant activity of oxidase and other metabolic activities.

2, to promote plant root growth and improve root activity, is conducive to plant water and nutrients absorption, and improve chlorophyll content, increase photosynthesis, in order to improve plant resistance to stress.

3, combined with the use of pesticides, spores can be spores germination and colony expansion play a role in inhibition, is conducive to slow release of pesticides, synergies.

4. has a significant function of drought resistance and cold resistance and promoting leaf photosynthesis. A large number of experimental data show that this product can increase the leaf stomatal diffusion resistance of 1.5 times, while reducing the transpiration intensity more than doubled leaves. After spraying, drought and cold effect can be maintained for about 20 days. After the spraying, the transpiration of the leaves decreased, the soil water content increased obviously, the water content of different soil layers increased by 7% -35%, while the soil water consumption decreased by 8% in the 10-20 days after spraying, , The number of new roots increased by more than 1/4, root activity increased by 20%, is conducive to plant water and nutrients absorption, thereby improving crop yield and improve quality.
5.molasses fermentation broth is also widely used in cell culture and other industries
6. shelf life is long, -40 ℃ does not freeze, summer high temperature does not degenerate.


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