Agrolavaz pty ltd, a Ukrainian company trading agricultural products, welcomes you on its dedicated website
to agricultural businesses worldwide. This site will allow you to know our trade,
to discover our activity, our products and our services. In this world where agriculture is in full
mutation, our goal is to provide the best agro products, services and techniques to achieve results
that meet your needs.

Our management team all have proven experience in the development and commercialisation of innovative
agricultural products. They have all worked extensively together and have an excellent working relationship.
This is a very professional and highly effective team with widespread international experience.

Customers Feedback


Over the last season we have been working closely with Agrolavaz pty ltd on a wide range of their foliar sprays and soluble fertilisers. The product range is extensive and we have found many products have greatly enhanced our growing regimes and have helped to push crop productivity and quality to new levels.!!!.

Bob Stevenson


The support we have received from the technical advisors has been second to none, a service which we greatly appreciate. Response to queries is fast allowing us to take action quickly on any issues we may have. We are so pleased with Integrate and will continue to use it every season. I urge anyone growing long term berry crops to use it



The onions were larger and more uniform in size in the treated area sector, and amazingly the land has changed as well. The land is now far less compacted, the onions were far easier to lift reducing damage which meant more marketable yield and the land was far easier to prepare for the next crop. Also we have reduced our irrigation costs by 33%.




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Agrolavaz Pty Ltd is an international trading company.

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Dedication , involvment and co-operation of all people at every stage.


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